Chris Blanton has been self employed in the film and video production business since 1979. If the weather is nice and he's not shooting, you'll be able to find Chris out on the range, horseback, with his side-kick and daughter Cassidy. His wife Madelyn, prefers the perfume dusted isles of Macy's to the manure rank of the barn.

Rodney Teague is lead editor and technician at BigHorn Studios and has a great eye and ear for video productions. In addition to editing Rodney plays horn and sings for the band Keyser Soze. Playing a mix of reggae, jazz & rock.

Dean Richards brings his 16 years as a marketing executive in the hotel and casino industry to the mix. His experiences show in his editing skills as he works on results driven production. Dean loves time with his wife and two boys, especially skiing in the Sierras and boating on nearby lakes.